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Re: Wondering if I should contact corporate....

On 1/27/2014 irsheyes45 said:

I am pretty upset after purchasing the most recent Keurig Platinum Plus TSV and after it went into 'processing', it went into a 'backorder' status. Usually that's pretty dependable that you'll get the item, but this time it was cancelled by QVC after only days of going into backorder status. I was upset since I ordered the cinnamon and that color didn't sell out or even go on waitlist for almost a week after the TSV day. Then about a week ago, after the TSV being completely sold out, I was looking at the different Keurig selections and came across the TSV being offered in an 'as is' status. They had every color, so I quickly ordered my cinnamon and was thrilled. The cinnamon, once again, did not sell out right away and was one of the last ones to go. Now, for a second time, my order has gone into backorder status and I'm pretty disappointed to say the least. How can my order not process when I ordered way before it sold out not once, but twice, and was even available after I did? If this order is cancelled on me again, would you suggest I call corporate and ask QVC to make amends on not one, but two cancelled orders? I just think this is outrageous since they were available for quite awhile AFTER I ordered mine, so I don't really think there is any excuse. What would you do if this were you? Thanks for any opinions you might have.

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Yes it is annoying but not worth trying to get "amends" over, go and buy one near you, try BBBeyond where you can use a coupon and save on shipping. (if those are available to you)

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Re: Wondering if I should contact corporate....

On 1/27/2014 luvpoos said:

Same thing happened to me on the TSV this past Sunday. I loved my Keurig and it broke after about three years. Was thrilled to see the cinnamon and ordered it. Went to check order status on another item and it said the Keurig was an advanced order, not to ship until Feb 17. They never mention that during the presentation. That made me really mad.

I heard during a presentation on Sunday that it wouldn't ship until mid Feb. We have 2 Keurigs, so I wasn't planning on purchasing another one, but was surprised that it was on advanced order.

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Re: Wondering if I should contact corporate....

Thanks for all your opinions and suggestions ladies, they are appreciated Smiley Happy