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@Sage04 wrote:

@Kachina624  I've read here many  times of people complaining that  David is always eating. Has that stopped since Covid 19th. Have things changed?

David doesn't eat the food on his shows now.  I think he stopped when QVC had all hosts stop eating/sampling food on the shows.

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I have noticed that the hosts have been drinking the wines  they sell.  Is there a difference between eating and drinking?  Just curious.  


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@Love my grandkids All that has to be done is wearing masks, and gloves. Which gloves should have been worn long before now. 

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This have to be absolute torture not being able to take just a quick taste or quick bite especially if the food is hot and being cooked on the spot. So, what happens with all that food that is staged while they are doing their presentation.  Please!!! Please!!!!  Don't tell me it's discarded. I really don't want to sound preachy but, I understand we are all Covid-19 paranoid. I know I am, but it's so many starving people.


To QVC CEO's or Executives, I have a suggestion. Is it possible to ensure the individuals handing the food be mandated by rules you strictly enforce either by the CDC, FDA or whatever other alphabet you wanna name to be mandated. Ensure the individuals are constantly tested who will handlle, clean, prepare and cook the food.  


So, by the time our favorite hosts ( David) 😉 is ready to present the food, they would have to adhere to the same rules but they will be able to eat and taste the food again!!!


Please!!! I miss seeing my David do his HAPPY DANCE and not teasing me by eating the meals and making me spend my money on those items😁.  HIS HAPPY DANCES PUT ME IN A GOOD MOOD. WE COULD USE A LITTLE BIT OF THAT RIGHT NOW!!!!


I know we are in unprecedented times, but if you're strict on your operating procedures it could be done and plus food won't be wasted especially when people are in major need of it!!!


QVC, this is just a suggestion. I want my Happy Dance Man Back!😉😁

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I was happy to see them being able to drink the wine. Understand they are being super careful of the on-air talent but there's a good deal of food sold that's individually wrapped. Start with being able to sample that? I haven't seen any research about COVID and food.

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If it is because of Covid, please stop opening individual wrapped food items or can, swishing cookies and wasting food. Cans of nuts get opened, poured into bowls but not able to be eaten. Such a waste.  

Pam I wrong, do people eat these after the show ??????

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Re: Why can’t they eat?

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No reason at all...that makes sense. The hosts are social distanced away from each other. So they can't eat? Is anyone getting COVID from eating food when they're 15 feet away from another person? Really? And so what if it was handdled by other people? They're touching the food anyway. And, now they can drink. But they can't eat. It's stupid. I declare QVC execs must think we're all imbeciles.