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These days, I cook all the time but only for 1-2 people--seldom more. I have a great KA countertop convection oven, a little air fryer, a pressure cooker, etc. I use 2 burners on my stove at the most, and my oven is in daily use--as a storage cabinet. I haven't had it on in over 2 years. 


Soon, I'm going to be redoing my base cabinets, including the stove. I can't help asking if I need a stove at all, with all the other great appliances. My idea would be to get a drop in cooktop with 2-3 burners, and a separate, nice-but not-too-big combination microwave/convection ovens. This will probably cost more than a traditional stove, but it will save space and give me everything I actually use. 


I'm getting a lot of pushback, on the grounds that a house has to have a stove for resale value. That may even be true. But I'm torn. Anybody switch from a traditional stove to a more functional design?

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Having a cooktop in one area and separate built/in oven (s) is not unusual. Not sure I understand your issue. 

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If you plan on remaining in the house for many years why not have it work best for you and not design for someone else.

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Yes, I understand just 2 of us & use my counter oven. I will use the stove for Thanksgiving. Think I use the big oven about 4 times a year but if I decide to sell then I think the buyers would want a big stove. Maybe use your big oven as storage space but don't forget you have things in there incase someday you need the oven. My retired DH wants me to sell this 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath since it's just us but I love my house & neighborhood. That's my problem right now. I don't want to move. 

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A version of Murphy's Law:   As soon as you get rid of the will find that you need it for something...........

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I'm not sure it would save space or gain space.


You will be taking up counter space with the drop in cooktop and if you have the microwave/convection mounted below the countertop, you haven't gained a lot of cabinet storage - maybe one shelf or a drawer.  If it's a countertop model, you've lost more countertop space.

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I never use my stove. I have not even turned it on in 4 years. I have a Breville convection oven that I use, along with 1 or 2 other appliances. I’ve often had the same thought.

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There are 2 things in my apartment I would get eliminate -- the bathtub and the oven.  Don't use either one.  As someone mentioned, if you're not planning on selling your home in the foreseable future, make it what you want.  If/when you sell, the buyers will probably renovate anyway.

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Some areas require a stove and a refrigerator in the kitchen when a house is for sale.  Mandatory, no exceptions.  My parents use their breville countertop oven, and not the "big oven" for cooking.  They use the big oven for storage for their pots and pans, and it is not as low as it would be in the base cupboards, therefore more accessible.

I had a separate cooktop and in-the-wall oven in one house and it was more of a waste of space than helpful.  We remodeled and put in a traditional stove.  

I knew someone many years ago who got rid of her stove when microwave ovens came out.  She regretted it later.  It could be a costly mistake to get rid of your stove, but it is your house and you can make your own decisions.  I wish you the best.

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I personally would never get rid of the stove.  There is just 2 people in my household too.  In the summer I never use the oven but now that it's colder I am using it sometimes.  


How about an apartment sized stove?  They are narrower than the large standard size and the oven is smaller.  Very common to see this size in city apartments.