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Re: Where to find potstickers??

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Update:  We got potstickers from a Tom Thumb on the other side of town that I sent DH to. They had the Ling Ling brand.

Schwan's still has them on back order.

FYI, Panda Express doesn't have them right now; some items have been dropped from the menu during the virus.

About Aldi's, DH went there and an employee said they get them about once a year, and they never know ahead of time.

Thanks for all of the recommendations (including the Ling Ling brand!).

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Re: Where to find potstickers??

Schwan's is the #1 BEST potsticker. Bigger, great filling and dipping sauce comes with for all. Schwan's Foods are all made by many hired chefs and they are fantastic. Nothing compares to these potstickers.