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Re: Where is the canned pumpkin?



I finally found canned Libby's pumpkin at our Super Target. 


There weren't a lot of cans on the shelf. Usually, they have a big display on the end of an aisle at this time of year; they didn't have that. The cans I bought have an exp. date of Sept. 2022.


I opened a can, and the pumpkin is smooth and thick and appears to be fresh. 


I've already made pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies! 


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Re: Where is the canned pumpkin?

My local Giant store has Libby's pumpkin in two different size cans.  I saw it there last week.  They didn't have a large display like they usually do  for this time of the year, but their regular shelf was fully stocked.


I didn't buy any because I buy whole pumpkins and purée it myself.