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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

DH likes to cook but when he wants a break, he'll go to the freezer and pull out a bakery-made pizza shell or two and a ziplock bag of my salt-free home made thick marinara sauce.  Shredded low-moisture mozzarella cheese is always in the fridge.  

Voila: pizza served shortly with minimum of fuss and cleanup !  Leftovers for another meal !

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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Weight Watchers, a plate of spaghetti, order out, go out.  

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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

i usually to get pizza.. or chinesse... or i go to my deli and get a wrap

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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

Progresso Tomato Basil or Hearty Tomato soup, right out of the can into a bowl.  Or not. 

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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

I order my groceries online and try to buy ready-to-prepare foods that require a minimum of extra work. Starting-from-scratch cooking holds no appeal for me these days. A couple of times a month, we order take-out from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Despite being retired, maybe because of my lifetime of cooking, I just don't want to do all that work anymore.

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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

@jeanlake Cottage cheese is a go to for me also. I like it with capers in it .DH asks  'what are those little green things ?'  I might add a half of piece of toast or a few crackers with pb on the side. 


DH , thankfully likes cottage cheese also . He makes his unrecognizable topping it with so much pepper. to each thier own .Smiley Happy


When by myself I like Lean Cusine dinners.


Also online menus , a phone order ,and send hubby to retrieve .  

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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

I am particularly fond of Ribeye Steak Sandwiches.  Split ribeyes (horizontally) thinly.  One ribeye can yield two, sometimes three, sandwiches.  (Tip:  Partially frozen steaks are easier and more safe to slice through. Safer yet, ask the man at the meat counter to do it for you.)  Grill the steaks to preferred doneness, then serve on rye bread topped with red onion slices and yellow salad (AKA ballpark) mustard.     


There are many, many other ideas, but here are a few Summer recipes I've posted in the Recipes forum over the years.  Some do involve 'light' cooking, but it helps to pre-cook components early in the day, before it gets too warm, then assemble at mealtime. 


I hope this helps. 


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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

Sadly, that "I don't feel like cooking" feeling has hit me a lot lately.  When my hubby was here I cooked a lot more because he enjoyed my cooking and he liked, but didn't expect it, a full dinner.


Now that it's just DD and I, and it's been so flippen tropical, we do sandwiches.  chicken breasts, hot dogs, burgers in the Ninja Grill, grab subs etc.

Sometimes we get take out and some places have huge portions so we split one.One place has spaghetti with just w/mushrooms and garlic. It is an insane portion we can have dinner for each of us and 1 lunch the next day. It's $10.99


Winters are a little different.  I can throw chili or soup in the crockpot. I aslo cook chicken in the crockpot and then I just have to make gravy while DD makes biscuits.


I used to love cooking and baking but I'm kind of over it.



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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

We do gazpacho served cold with sandwiches or with meat and crackers or cheese and crackers.  We make itin the Vitamix and leave it a little chunky since we serve as cold soup.  We both like it and it gets our veggies.  


We have "salad" sandwiches served open face.  We like salsas with this, using avocados, peaches or nectarines or whatever good fruit we have, along with the usual tomatoes, a little onion, salt and a little hot sauce and some lime or lemon juice.  That is another way to get fruits and veggies in.


We also make smoothies containing fruit and vegetables, yogurt, almond milk, flax seed and flax oil.  If it is a real afternoon treat, we'll throw in some honey!   So we get fruits and veggies as a treat or as part of a pickup meal.


We use cold chicken or other cold meats for "pickup meals".  AND the sous vides are great little machines for not heating up the house and being stress free.  Those chicken breasts that come already shrink wrapped?  Throw them in!  How easy is that?

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Re: When you don't feel like cooking

We love "zalads" from Zaxbys.  I get the chicken on the side since I don't like salad dressing on meat.


Sometimes we order from the oriental resturant.


I keep Stouffers Stuffed Green Peppers in Creole (not hot) Sauce.


If we do soup, it's either homemade vegetable soup or oyster stew unless he had a heavy late lunch, then it's Healthy Choice Vegetable Beef.