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What's cooking at your house this cool October?

Morning all,

Yes, it is October already! It was suppose to be 80 today but don't think that will happen. We have started off with a light fog with a misty rain. Looks gloomy outside. My flowers are starting to look worn. Have 3 green tomatoes on the vine.

Luckily I looked on the calendar today. DH said he had an appointment for CAT scan tonight at 6:00 in Ft. Wayne about one hour away. But the calendar said Wednesday night. Did a double check and it is tomorrow night.

Think it will be a easy, lazy day. I do have some washing and ironing to do. Keep putting it off but it just doesn't go away. Have to start a new book. Finished my book for book club on Thursday. It was just okay. A downer book, family very dysfunctional.

I have October, Fall, Halloween stuff up from the basement but haven't put it out yet. Guess it is time, October is here. We will be seeing Christmas ads soon on TV.

Best to all, come and join us.

Oh, about cooking, have left over green beans for tonight, salad, and not sure what meat. I have a beautiful beef roast that I just might fix. Makes me think of you Winifred.

Hello, beautiful, magical October! ? Peg