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1. Homemade vanilla custard. 

2. Marble Slab sweet cream.  

3. Blue Bell anything .  


now, please excuse me while I go and get a spoon...




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Anyone with a ton of peanut butter. Turkey Hill has a nice one, Ben and Jerry also. I love ice cream. 

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Local dairy farm makes ice cream daily, they use locally sourced fruits when in season.


Chocolate *out of this world

Blueberry *hush my mouth

Coffee  *wow

Watermelon sorbet *can’t get enough






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Haagen Dazs

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Another vote for Blue Bunny.

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I like Talenti Gelato.

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I never buy IC but if I did I'd get Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.   


I also like Turkey Hill IC sandwiches.  


I loved and bought Blue Bunny a couple of years ago when they had a Choc. Cherry IC but they haven't made it since and I haven't bought IC since.

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@colliemom4 wrote:

I like Talenti Gelato.



Me too !

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Re: What's Your Favorite?

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Blue Bell. 

Homemade Vanilla is our favorite flavor - goes great with fresh fruit in summer, and with pies and cobblers.


Other favorite flavors:

Blackberry Cobbler

Banana Pudding

Peaches and Homemade Vanilla

Bride's Cake

Raspberry Fudge Brownie (new)

Dutch Chocolate