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What do you put on your French Toast?

Apparently it fills our fellow Canadians with horror that on our French Toast (which us brits call "Eggy Bread") we put.......wait for it..........HP sauce!

I didnt realise I had committed an mortal sin by doing this until the first time I served French Toast for some friends and they asked for Syrup........"what for?" I asked, I had already put HP sauce and ketchup (thought I was covering all my bases) on the table.

They were horrified when I told them and received lots of "eew" and "thats disgusting" kind of remarks as well as howls of laughter.

Didn't occur to me that anyone would put sryup on that......Seriously, syrup??? Eggs are savoury not sweet, lol.

Was just laughing about it at the office and thought I would share.......