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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

I miss Meredith too, but it may have been her choice to leave, and I wish her the best.

@QVCkitty1. I'll bet that is the case!  And I think. you will have many more opportunities to see her doing what she does best, teaching and cooking, rather standing and listening to David talk about the colors available. 


I too wish her the best of luck in her new ventures.  She is a really knowledgeable person about food and cooking--not a sales person. 

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Sorry but I think it is really silly to have a petition for either a host or a vendor. Good grief let them move on and give the new ones a chance to do well I am an oldie who does not like change but when it happens on a tv sales show it does not bother me in the least I miss Kathy Levine but am not going to pine away because she left Please let her go

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@coffee drinker wrote:

Over the past few days, I've read so many posts saying how much we all miss Meredith, including me.  To show just how much she is missed I thought about starting a petition, but that probably wouldn't go over with the PTB or the mods.  So instead, maybe all of you who feel this way, could just respond to my post by just "signing" your nic.  I'll be first.


We Miss Meredith


@coffee drinker


I wish Merideth well with her new venture.

Time to move on.