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Re: We Finally Made Strawberry Shortcake.

Let me start by saying I love strawberries ❤️ ... I was browsing on the internet last week & there was an article with a video about strawberries.... it showed that if fruit flies lay their eggs on the strawberries they hatch worms ... it showed if you put salt in warm water & soak the strawberries for a little while when you take the strawberries out of the water you can see the tiny worms emerge .... needless to say I haven’t eaten a strawberry since I saw this .... I don’t want to gross anyone out but, does anyone know if this is true??

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Re: We Finally Made Strawberry Shortcake.

@January121I have not heard of that before but It would Not suprise me.  I've been eating strawberries all my life and it hasn't killed me yet.  Insect Protien!  The wave of the future!

P.S.  If that skeeves you out you don't want to know that there is a legal % of "artifact" allowed in processed food.  Packaged food is NOT pristine.