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@sharkky wrote:

Piggy wants fudge !   M-68343



THANK YOU for this post @sharkky .  


Wasn't watching the Q but was on the forums at the time.  Checked it out and ordered the combo.


Only tried the chocolate which arrived this afternoo - DELICIOUS!!!Woman Happy



I usually don't like fudge 'cause i find it too sweet, etc.  So, I tried the chocolate 'cause if that won me the PB would be a shoo-in!  Smooth, deep rich yummy chocolate perfection!


I've been fighting with myself - thinking I should share my fudge with the neighbor across the street.  Been doing her grocery shopping and I've since learned she's a chocolateholic!  But it's sooo good, trying to think of an excuse for not sharing with my new 90-year-old friend.She gave me some pizzells she had made yesterday - so I feel more guilty for not sharing! This afternoon's excuse was it's difficult to cut as it was a little soft 'cause the UPS man left it out on the hot sidewalk.  Don't know what I'll come up with tomorrow.Woman LOL  Probably will have to share...


But, again, thank you @sharkky .  I never would have tried it if it wasn't for your post!Woman Wink

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should had sent it to me hahahahhahahaa


At 90 she don't need no fudge anyway. LOL


For that matter neither do I ROFL


All kidding aside.........Happy you liked it !