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Hi Tx Starlight!


I agree with you that Chris Pryme is an excellent vendor.  She is always prepared, knows her product, and makes a point of describing the capacity of every single container, no matter how many are in a set.


She doesn't get all balled up in silliness to the exclusion of doing her job as some vendors and/or hosts may do.  I appreciate that she is nice and fun, but makes sure that she does her job very well.


She is pleasant and seems like a lovely person.  Smiley Happy

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I love Chris, but missed the LnL presentation as I was "hunkered down" as a thunder storm rolled through.



Now I'm going to see what I missed on "Shop QVC TV" listing.  


I have a weakness for LNL

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@TX-starlight wrote:

What a transformation!! I didn't even recognize her. I turned it on, but looked away..looked back & thought"who is that"?? I can't believe the difference in her looks. Would love to know her secret in weight loss. She looks great, looks like a complete different person!

Glad I'm not the only one, lol! I flipped it on Q to see what was on since I was up late. When I saw her, I felt my jaw drop. She looks fantastic! I don't know what she's doing, but she needs to pass it my way! Smiley Very Happy Everytime she presents L&L, she has her Garmin Vivofit on, so I guess that's part of her regimen now. She had her hair fixed in a really cute style during the late show too!

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yes! her hairstyle was sooooo cute on her....and then today it looks like it's the usual way that I see her~ but she does look very good Carrotkeep doing whatever it is that you've been doing Chris...and share whatever it is with us!

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I enjoy her too but honestly I saw no difference in her today. She always seems happy and down to earth. I remember her presentation with DV once and they both were cracking up and she said "I think I peed my pants".  Funniest thing I've ever seen on QVC 😳

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She looks the same as always to me.   I always thought she wore a wig.  That time she got one of the awards she looked very different.  She looked lovely in a non-chef outfit and her hair was totally different.  I wish she'd stop wearing the chef jackets.

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Chris really knows her stuff and she has given tips that I use. I've never look at her wishing to change her in any way. She is unique & beautiful in her own way. She is the reason I have organized and the reason there is less money in my bank acct.  Keep up the great work Chris and thank you for being YOU!! Smiley Happy

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