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My son got one heck of deal on a Vitamix from Amazon. I was really ticked when I saw his, it was much more machine with a larger container and same warranty. I paid more for my TSV 5 years ago than he paid for his today.I think the company makes a lesser machine for the Q.


Smiley Sad   I'm sorry about that.  That's a drag.   Live and learn, eh?   


Folks still seem to think they are getting some great deal from shopping networks and it's seldom the case.    I also think I agree with you about the manufacturing.


I got my Vitamix from the Vitamix website a number of years ago and, although I'm not sure how competitive the price was (although they did give me some extra stuff - I ordered by phone), I was happy to have a full model with the full 7 year warranty that Vitamix offers.


Funny thing - one day my husband had been to Costco and brought me a gift - a Vitamix!   Ruh roh - he didn't even know I already had one for years.  He doesn't do anything in the kitchen, plus I had a cover made for it so it's not like it sticks out.   Anyway, I felt bad but he took it back and all was well.


Had I not gotten mine from Vitamix directly, I would have probably shopped Costco next.  Smiley Happy