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I finally received an e-mail that the blade on my Vitamix will be replaced in Sept., 2019.  I can opt out and get a $70. gift code to purchase a new blender or container.  I would opt for the container, but that would still cost close to another $70. out of pocket.   Also, the containers I see are made of Tritan and I thought my container was glass.  Anyone know if the Tritan cleans up well?    

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I love my vitamix but my container is a true disapointment. 

The plastic is clouded/scratched and that happened within the first 6 months of owning it. 

I never knew there were glass containers.  I'd invest in one if I saw it.  


If/when my "settlement" comes through, I'll definetly go with the credit and get a new container.  Not even a second thought on that-

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@Daysdee   Old Vitamixers had stainless steel I think.  Now they come with the Tritan.


Oster blenders are the ones with a glass container.


Scratches on my Vitamixer don't bother me--shows how much I use it!

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I also just received the email. My blade is scheduled for Oct. They obviously have a lot of blades to replace! I have the 7500 model with the short 64 oz. container. I didn’t think it did a great job with smaller amounts for smoothies so I got the 32 oz. a while ago. So much better! I’ll be sending my 64 oz for blade replacement since it does great for larger amounts.