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When you go in the restaurant to pick up a take-out order, due you leave a tip?

If it is the owner, do you still leave a tip?

I know if you have your meal delivered, you tip, but I don't tip when I do the pick up. But lately I have been hearing people say to give a Big tip for take out. What do you think?

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No, i do not tip when i pick up. i firmly believe that tipping for pickup is entirely inappropriate.

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I don't tip when I pick up take out.  Good heavens, people will soon be tipping at McDonald's.  When I drive to the location, go in and pick it up, I do all the work so why should I tip?  I do tip when there's a food delivery to my home.

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Re: Tipping for take out

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We are trying to support our favorite local restaurants - curbside pickup only. When I order I pay over the phone and leave a 10% tip (rounded up). They need it. Smiley Happy


ETA: We  haven't been to any fast food restaurants. The only one we would go to is Chick-Fil-A. I probably would not tip them. 


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I never have

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No we aren't...

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Under the present circumstances I would say it would be a nice gesture if you can afford it.  I can't imagine how devastating this has been for everyone.   I think it's great that people are using the curbside service and also nice that it's being offered.  I live twenty miles one way from the closest restaurant so I don't normally go out to eat much anyway.  I do know I sure would miss it if they ended up having to close forever.

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I know I am being too skittish, but until contact tracng proves this virus cannot be contracted through someone else touching and leaving aerosols on my food, I choose to DIY.   We are suppose to sanitize all groceries we bring into our homes, but do restaurants do this?


I really do miss going out for happy hour/dinner and many days think about take out, but then snap back to reality. Remember when it was believed COVID-19 was not airborne and then we learn it is? There are just too many changes to make me comfortable at this time.


That being said, I know the ramifications and feel terrible about it. A favorite restaurant has already closed its doors for good. 


I live among some very generous people. Reading Nextdoor, my neighbors are suggesting a 50% tip be added to any curbside or takeout. I feel like I am a fairly decent tipper at never less than 20% and often more. But I vow as soon as restaurants reopen, I plan to do better. Maybe people who live in residential-type neighborhoods don't feel it so much, but I live in a mixed residential/retail area that is shut down like a ghost town. It makes me sad.



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At this time I am going to restaurants to support them so they can survive and to thank them for being there.   So yes , I am tipping lavishly.   I read that you should tip as if you are eating in right now. But we have been giving more.   Don't go to fast food places,  just those places we frequently visit in normal times 

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OMG! You mean to tell me, during these trying times, you all don't even tip? Seriously? The businesses are failing, workers are broke and you can't leave them a tip of gratitude for even being open during this pandemic?? Woman Surprised This shows me the true colors of people. I live rural and when we do curbside pickup with our local businesses we have been tipping them heavily! Our favorite restaurant we went to last Sunday to pick up our breakfast my dh left the owner a large tip....she was in tears and told him that he made her week! Come on people, open up those wallets and help out your locals!!!! Woman Surprised Woman Surprised

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