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@SharkE wrote:

@rms1954 wrote:

says "coupons don't apply."

you talking about the Geoffrey Zak one ?


I'm buying the DASH brand from  Bed and Bath at the store.

I  can either use the 20% off coupon or I got a 10  off anything more then 39.00.


Not dealing with Q any more then necessary.



No, talking about the one at B&B.  

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Don't know why Bed and Bath  & Beyond wouldn't take their own coupons?


Have they quit something or the other ? You have me at a disadvantage.

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Oh, ok I see it now I went back over there and read. Of course it also says Not sold in stores.  Don't know why stores don't stock stuff when I want something I want it now.


I"ll check it out Thurs and maybe other stores have similar items.