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Temptations Baking Dish

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Any body find that after baking with the round baking dish, that there is 'black' on the dish.  It's almost like a black ink ??  Even difficult to wash off my hands.


And, my other round baking dish cracked right down the center when it was cooled??

Not going to purchase again.



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I have a few pieces of Temptations. Two fluted pie dishes and a rectangular baking dish that I love and use all the time . Everything bakes well , doesn't stick , and the clean up is easy . However , the three casserole dishes with covers are cracked in a few places ,after a couple of uses . It was pass the time I could return them ; so I was not happy .

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Temptations has so many bakers, pans, accessories and dishes, but such bad reviews I'd never buy any. How does Tara get away with this? If only she'd fix the manufacturing process, the line's reputation would improve.


I'd buy some of the items for gifts if I was sure they wouldn't crack with heat or chip with use. As it is, I pass.

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I've said it before.....I refuse to buy TT.  Too many horror stories. 

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It's unfortunate that the quality of Temp-tations pieces seems to be so inconsistent; I've collected dozens and dozens of items over the years and I've never had a single problem. My biggest complaint is that Tara brings colors and collections that we get attached to and then stops producing them with no warning. I'm still happy to have what I have, but in many cases, I'd really like to pick up new items in my favorite patterns instead of always being told the Old World and Floral Lace are the primary offering because "they're the most popular"—of course the purchase numbers are up in those patterns when they've been the only option consistently sold for 20 years. (And even within those two patterns, colors come and go, continuing to frustrate customers.)