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Temptations 4 Soup Crocks w/tray FL (H217080) -- Adorable!!!

I bought these on a "one day price" whim...I'm glad I did --  they are just adorable!  I bought them not for soup but as decorative pieces in Floral Lace.



I don't normally do RED but glad I did! great pop of color & really red...certainly not like the Old World pieces I bought (they are pinky red or orange red☹️).  The tray is perfect size for doing a platter of cheese/crackers, cookies, etc. it's a nice size.


(The opening is about 3" which I don't think is easy to use with a soup spoon, JMO).








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Re: Temptations 4 Soup Crocks w/tray FL (H217080) -- Adorable!!!

@homedecor1.  The look cute on your shelves.

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