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Temp-tations at the thrift store.

I never used to see Temp-tations at the thrift stores in our area. Lately, I have seen several pieces, in very good shape. Two of them were small OW ovals from the 13 pc lid it sets, and one was only the dish and basket no lid it. They wanted over $20 for each one of these! Crazy!

A couple of months ago, I saw an old set of covered bakers with racks, looked new, in a pattern that I don't know the name of, but they were a really unique shape. Again, they wanted about $20 per piece. People on here complain about the quality and value of this line, but it seems to sell second hand for those prices. Maybe it will be a collectible fad in a few decades, and people go nuts collecting it like they do some lines and patterns of dish/kitchenware from the 50's and 60's that were very inexpensive at the time! If so, I've got my son's retirement in the cupboards (and basement, and any other nook I can find to store it!).

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Re: Temp-tations at the thrift store.

I've found Temp-tations at both my local Goodwill and a consignment shop. At both places, the prices were super cheap. I always liked the Bouquet pattern which Tara never expanded on, so I got the original set in blue at a consignment shop and the same set in pink at Goodwill. Both sets were in great condition and looked barely used. I think I paid about $15.00 for each set.

I wouldn't pay the prices at your store; they are way over-inflated.

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Re: Temp-tations at the thrift store.

I agree with you mominohio, I haven't looked at the thrift store in a while but I know on ebay, the $$ are pretty high & it sells!! Most are single dishes, qt, 1 1/2 qt , different size bowls, etc. from sets. The prices for them are just about as much as the Q sells for their sets. I have been thinking about selling my pieces that I don't use very often and then I could buy some of the newer ones!! LOL..I, too, have thought that Temp-tations will be a collector item in another 20 yrs...I will have a good retirement if that happens.{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}