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I have had this mixer for years, but my best hand mixer is my OXO.  Only in black, so no fancy colors, but works beautifully--just like all OXO products.

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thank you everyone for your input! I don't know why I thought this KA mixer was only avail thru Q.


I just did the math with s/h & tax total is $53.41😳

So whoever posted about Amazon w/prime free - I'm in!

and haven't been to Target in years or WM traditional store so honestly never thought about them!


Yes not a thing wrong w/my 9 speed just know my KA food processor with digital pad DIED and now I bought a Cuisinart - love it!


thank you again! 

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@Karen D wrote:

Amazon has this same mixer for $32 plus free shipping for prime members.



@kAREN,  Except that one on Amazon does not include the wire whisk that is incuded with the TSV on QVC.  That wire whisk is an additional $19.00 on Amazon for those that are interested.


I have the 9 speed digital mixer that I know I have had for over 6 years.  Still going strong and I love that hand mixer.  So I can't comment on this one, but I would not hesitate to recommend the 9 speed.

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I have the 9 speed and won't ever go back to a lesser model.


I like the ability to gradually increase the speed when mixing things with powdered sugar and the like.  


I did find a KA 3 speed hand mixer at a thrift store for $3, so I picked it up as a backup should mine fail, but the next time they have a deal on a 9 speed I'll pick up another. I had a second 9 speed but gave it to my son when he got his apartment. 

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If it's your only mixer, then I'd make sure it has the features you want. I have the 9 speed too, but I rarely use mine as I have two stand mixers. It's convenient those times I do need it for something small, light, easy and quick or need the portabiity though. 

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