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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

Because of Covid restrictions, and DD and DS being out there...Doctor and Teacher...

They told me that we will wait for a thanksgiving celebration.


It is tough, but their care for us is great.


Hubby and I are doing Steaks and Baked Potatoes....I cannot cook a turkey when the whole family isnt here...Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...just postponed this year



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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

This will be the 2nd Thanksgiving ordering from Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving.  Turkey breast/stuffing and you choose the sides  There's only 3 of us, so there are plenty of leftovers.  Honestly, I'm probably going to order the Christmas ham dinner this year, too.

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

My mother's birthday is at the end of November and depending on how close it would fall to Thanksgiving we would eat out at a restaurant for Thanksgiving. She said she was NOT going to cook on her birthday! LOL 


So, I grew up going to a restaurant for Thanksgiving many times. I loved it - I am not a fan of Turkey and it was great to be able to order something else!


My husband NEVER went out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving and thinks doing this would be just horrible.


I would be fine just picking up Chinese for Thanksgiving dinner!

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

@SharonZ   Couple weeks ago we went to Cracker Barrel - I made sure it was on a Thurs. to check out their Thurs. special of turkey/dressing.  It was so very good.

I went on line to order to big meal, that serves 8-10 (I wanted lots of leftovers)

but with taxes and tip, the total was $170.  Not willing to pay that much,

but may go back tomorrow for another Thurs. special.  Smiley Happy


I'd be tempted to order their Christmas dinner also.  If only it wasn't so expensive.

Sure is good food though.  Enjoy.


To answer the question, last year I ordered a dinner from Cotton Patch.

It was a lot of food for a pretty good price, but I hated the gravy.  And they

wanted to charge $6.00 extra for the rolls.  Seriously????

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

Normally at Thanksgiving, I am headed to the beach on the day after.  Our family has eaten at a locally owned restaurant several times on Thanksgiving day.  They do a special buffet.  However, this year, I'm not going to the beach and the restaurant is not doing the buffet.

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

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I ordered one from Safeway one year---just got thru with chemo so was not up to cooking a big dinner---it was AWFUL---way to salty and just not good at all--ended up throwing most of it away. think it was about $60 for a small one---waste of money. I think ordering from a restaurant would be better-----Now way back when my kids were little, we went to a very nice lodge near us for dinner and that was amazing!!! Paid per person and my son thought it was the best thing ever to be able to get a clean plate everytime he was finished with one---we came back to my house for desserts

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

I have never dined at a restaurant on Thanksgiving. I think my family would declare mutiny if I even broached the subject.😊


If I lived alone, I would welcome the idea!😁



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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

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We've been going to the Country Club for decades. Already have our reservations for this Thanksgiving. I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner since our son was small and we lived out-of-state! He's now 47. As soon as we returned to Nebraska, we joined my parents in the family tradition and it has continued. The current generations (and my DIL, who doesn't cook at all) don't know of any other way! 

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

Years back, we were watching our grandsons at Thanksgiving. My DIL felt guilty, so she ordered the dinner from our high end grocery store.  It was just okay, and the kids were REALLY disappointed. It's just 2 of us this year, but I will make all of our favorites in smaller amounts.  I've never been at a restaurant for Thanksgiving. 

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

@Harpa wrote:

My DM always said it tastes best when someone else cooks it.


Honestly, I don't always feel that way. But at least you won't have to do all the work associated with cooking a big meal.


Hope it surpasses your expectations!



I think we might have had the same mother.  Lol!   My Mom always said the exact same thing.   She was a good cook but always appreciated when someone else invited her to dinner.