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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

@ProudMa wrote:

Because of Covid restrictions, and DD and DS being out there...Doctor and Teacher...

They told me that we will wait for a thanksgiving celebration.


It is tough, but their care for us is great.


Hubby and I are doing Steaks and Baked Potatoes....I cannot cook a turkey when the whole family isnt here...Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...just postponed this year



We have the same story. DS and DIL,  both in health care, called this week and said covid cases are on the rise again in their hospitals here in NY after an amazing flattening of the curve for many months. They love us and are very concerned for our welfare and said we must wait until next year. It’s sad but the wise thing to do. I will make Ina Garten’s herb roasted turkey breast recipe which we love, homemade dressing, vegetable and apple pie. Grateful for all we have but bittersweet.

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

I miss not being able to go to a diner and order the Thanksgiving dinner to go, then bringing it back to a friend and eating together.


That was back in the day when the entire thing, including rolls and pumpkin pie, was $9.99. And it was good.

I've moved, the friend is gone, and the restaurant probably charges $40 for the same thing now. A frozen turkey dinner and a can of Ocean Spray work for me, although if the only restaurant I go to in my area is offering a take-out Thanksgiving dinner, I might do that.

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

Sure, we have ordered our dinners from Whole Foods several years now. They are better than I can do at this stage. Turkeys defeat me. I also heard the turkey meals from Cracker Barrel were really good but there isn't one near me.

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

There's nothing wrong with ordering your TG meal from a restaurant or grocery store. I've done it several times and enjoyed it. We're not doing anything traditional this year since DH and I aren't going to be with family. I bought a small ham (his choice) to warm up along with canned sweet potatoes, and a veggie ....and a pumpkin roll that he ordered. That's it, and it'll be just fine. Do what works for you and enjoy your meal!

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

Normally, my son and his wife and I spend Thanksgiving with dear friends in Houston.  We're in Phoenix.    But there is nothing normal about this year.  So we are not traveling and decided to order a meal from a restaurant we like a lot.   We're doing so much cooking being at home all the time that It seemed like it would be a little fun to not cook for the holiday.  We'll pick it up Wednesday. We'll make a couple of side dishes. And reheat the bird on Thursday.  

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

My MIL started ordering Thanksgiving dinner from a local restaurant but sadly went out of business this year.  My Mom and sister have ordered from Boston Market in the past and said it's very good.  

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

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I placed my order today at a restaurant for pick up on Wednesday. They said that they will pack everything so that it can be re-heated on Thursday. 


This is the first time ordering out, but I really do not feel up to cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. I will, however, make dessert. 

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

I'd be surprised if anything is open. I won't be baking for the church this yr.  got canceled.

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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

@Flatbush wrote:

Decided to order Thanksgiving meal from Marie Calendars.

It was recommended to me by a close friend. She ordered a meal for two last year and said it was plentiful and delicious.


It feels strange, not making it myself. Will pick it up Wednesday and heat it up the next day. Hope the meal is good. Is anyone else ordering a holiday meal from a restaurant ?

Last year we ate out at a local restaurant for Thanksgiving.


They had a set dinner for Thanksgiving, where everything was included with the dinner if you wanted to eat turkey. It was fabulous! Smiley Happy


I have many health issues to deal with, and I wasn't up to cooking then. 


The down-side of not cooking your own dinner is the lack of leftovers, as I love turkey and I'll eat it throughout the year.


This year we're eating at home and it'll just be a simple little dinner for my husband and myself.


We were thinking of getting a small "heat and eat" turkey dinner from one of our local supermarkets that offers them for Thanksgiving, but changed our minds.


We're thinking of doing that for Christmas, instead.


Their prepared dinners are very good.



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Re: THANKSGIVING Meal From A Restaurant ?

I work with two food collections every year so I don't have a lot of free time the weeks before. Usually we're on the road at 4 a.m. Thanksgiving morning on our way to DH's family 7 hours away. 


Obviously this year we won't be doing that. We're going back and forth about getting takeout. We know the owners of one of our favorite small restaurants pretty well, and he handed me a special flyer when we ate outside there last. I told him if I didn't cook we'd call! Their food is amazing. 



There's only 3 of us. DS hasn't been home for Thanksgiving  since he started college. He's always been invited somewhere where they all get together, or to someone's family dinner. But most of his friends left the area when quarantine started and went home. He didn't. He does have some good friends there. He said they would probably get a pizza! 



I always make a Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas. But I think DH wants me to fix  Thanksgiving here this year too!  Smiley Happy