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Re: TEMP-TATIONS muffin pan question....

@so so  I have Temp-tations handled muffin pans and the large heart shaped muffin pan. I have been making things with these for at least a year and almost on a weekly basis. I butter them or butter and flour them depending on what I'm making. For zucchini bread, I butter and flour. For breakfast frittatas, I just use butter. The key is to let them cool slightly and then run a knife around the edge before removing. I have ruined all my nonstick pans trying to do the egg dishes. Now I only use Temp-tations. And, I have bought them for family and friends.

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Re: TEMP-TATIONS muffin pan question....

I have the Cook's Essential's Texas muffin pan.  It's probably no longer available, but it is terrific.  I always spray with Pam and I've never had muffins that did not fall right out.  I always take them out of the oven and sit the pan on a cooling rack for about 10 minutes.  Maybe this helps.

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Re: TEMP-TATIONS muffin pan question....

I like most of the tt I have purchased. I do laugh when I hear the reps and Tara saying " naturally non-stick ". Those must be some i do not own Smiley Happy ! I have the smaller muffin pans and I spray or butter with a silicone brush at least lightly .THEY DO STICK OTHERWISE . Yes i know I am yelling .