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Just bought one of these gadgets for stuffing hamburgers at a Walgreens here in NJ, it was reduced to $4.99. At that price figured I'd give it a try, wasn't going to pay the full $9.99. So any pointers? What to and what not to put inside a burger?

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did you watch david yesterday......he had a meat loaf pan that you stuff different things in....take a look at the video and it will give you some ideas only you will use less...

one of the things was mac and cheese....but there were a lot of choices...

for myself....I would put cheese/onion inside of my burger..or maybe an egg...(not sure if that would work...but I do like the idea) good luck

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DD gave me one for Christmas and I used it last nite. Stuffed our burgers with shredded cheese and sliced grape tomatoes. Very nice but must warn you the burgers were huge. A pound and a half of chopped meat made three burgers.