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Re: Stroopwafels and other holiday treats

@LdyBugz wrote:

They are selling Stroopwafels on HSN.  A Dutch, holiday treat apparently.  I had never heard of these things before.  The reviews at various sites are all good.  I think I might look for them at Trader Joe's and try them.  It's a waffle type cookie with caramel in the middle.  You put the cookie over a steaming cup of coffee or tea for a bit so that the caramel inside gets soft.


Have you had these before?  I wonder what else is out there that I've missed out on.  Please share any national treats or traditions that you enjoy that some of us may not know about!  Thanks!  😀


I got them at Costco. 

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Re: Stroopwafels and other holiday treats

Yesterday at Costco, I bought several packages of dark chocolate-covered lace cookie crisps.


The tops are coated with chopped almonds, and the plastic bowl-shaped packaging makes them attractive enough for gift-giving.


We'll use them as host/hostess gifts when we go to a couple of holiday parties.


However, I'm sure DH will devour at least one bowl full of them before then.


They're located with all the sweet treats that Costco stocks especially for the holidays.  Price was somewhere under $9.00 per bowl.  They look delicious.

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Re: Stroopwafels and other holiday treats

Thanks, everyone!  I appreciate the feedback.  I think I will live on the edge and try these things.  😬  



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Re: Stroopwafels and other holiday treats

We used to get the individually wrapped Lady Walton wafer cookies at the old Border's Bookstore cafe. They had different flavored chocolate (not caramel) in the middle, which would melt atop a cup of hot tea or coffee. Dark chocolate, hazelnut, white chocolate-amaretto...delicious.


Then we found them, boxed, at Wegmans, then they weren't available there anymore. 51a8Mu-f8CL._SY450_.jpg



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Re: Stroopwafels and other holiday treats

Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc.., have smaller boxes of the SW's at extremely affordable prices making it easy to try these sweets. The last one I bought was caramel (6 or so individual packs inside) and while good these are very rich. The waffer part though is, well, I can't put my finger on it as it has the flavor and texture of Xmas cookies I had many years ago.

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Re: Stroopwafels and other holiday treats

Specially Selected Caramel Stroopwafels
Specially Selected
Caramel Stroopwafels
Valid: 12/11/2019 - 12/17/2019


I saw these at Aldi's, but did not purchase.