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Didn't Stacy have a cooking show on QVC2?  Couldn't find it on the listings.  Some have said she's very good so I'd like to tune in since we finally started getting QVC2.  

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I watched her cooking show I think last week. It was good. I can’t remember what night it was though.

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 @Coffeedrinker @proudlyfromNJ 


I believe she's on Monday nites - same time as the fashion shows.

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It appears the next showing is 5/13.

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It appears that Step-by-Step Cooking with Stacey is taking a few weeks off; typically, it airs on Mondays from 6-8 p.m. ET on Q2.

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Stacey is taking a little vacation she told David that she will not be on Monday Night at 6 pm. 4-29-2019. At least I think she said for this week.