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Some honest observations about my recent Keurig TSV

So I've been using my Keurig Platinum TSV....and I can't believe this, but I am really dissapointed with the quality of coffee it produces. I guess I didn't realize the main point of this device is convienence. {#emotions_dlg.confused1} Fast cups of coffee in under a minute! Great, but it also tastes like that too. I thought with the k cups being perfectly contained and sealed, it would produce coffee that was aromatic, fresh-tasting, delicious... I can't seem to get a good cup of coffee out of it yet. I have tried all the k cups it came with and bought another variety pack at the store to try. I bought a pack of Timothy's Cinnamon Pastry k cups ( WHO wouldn't love cinnamon pastry, right?! I thought that was right up my alley, as I love cinnamon and I love pastries)

All I taste is plastic. Is it in my head? I feel crazy because y'all rave and rave about this thing, what am I doing wrong? I always ground my own beans right before making a pot of coffee, is that why k cups taste like Taster's Choice to me? There is a strange, irridescent film ontop of every brewed cup...what is that? It's a new machine, so maybe some residual....something from the inside? When I use the my k cup with my own fresh beans, it's not there. But sludge on the bottom of my cup is.

I wish it brewed hotter too. I turned it up to 192, but it doesn't seem very hot?

Sorry, I hate to be a wet blanket here and I'm happy (and kinda jealous) for everyone who is loving their Keurig. But it's going to have to go back if I can't get a good cup of coffee real soon. And I feel pretty bad that people who really wanted one and ordered at midnight got pushed on backorder, as I pack mine up to send back...

Am I all alone here? What are the other Keurig newbies who bought this TSV thinking about it?