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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

Love my Breville oven, and battery operated can opener!


I have an immersion blender.  It and an electric knife are 2 things that you don't use often, but when you need them, you need them and nothing else suffices!

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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

Breville automatic tea maker--lowers the tea leaves and takes them out automatically.  Was a Christmas gift to me and it is absolutely wonderful for good tea leaves.  It makes perfect tea ever time.


It was expensive but was a gift, and I spend a lot of money on good quality tea so it has been wonderful--a real treat--for me.  That's my idea of the perfect Christmas gift! 

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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

@Zhills, I agree about the immersion blender, when you need it it is terrific. I donated my electric knife long ago as I could not use it properly,but that is just me. I am going to watch this post as I am needing to buy a new immersion blender as viewing mine lately I have noticed cracks in the plastic ( it is very old - Rival that I purchased at a garage sale eons ago.) I want the bottom part to be ss on a new one. I have seen a few brands on amazon under $40. 


I use mine to make homemade mayo and hm beauty treatments . I find if you keep it on the bottom and pull up slowly there usually is not splashing.


@kitty4memy favorite ?  is like asking for a favorite child. I love kitchen gadgets and small appliances that help make my kp duty easier.  electric fryer and small KA oven have been used a lot during hot weather. I use the Wolfgang Puck little 2 serving cooker daily sometimes more.













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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

I enjoy my ZO mini breadmaker and my Oster countertop oven..

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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

LOVE my new Breville smart oven pro, have had it for about a  month now.  Bakes beautifully... also my Instant Pot pressure cooker.. couldn't do without it, use it all the time.


For gadgets, I love an under- cabinet mounted jar opener the Q had many years ago (Bob B. demonstrated it )and it still works great..opens everything from tiny bottles to large jars.


Of course, I still love using my big Kitchen Aid stand mixer ...

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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

My ROTATO EXPRESS ELECTRIC PEELER. I use it everyday to peel my apples. I cannot peel any kind of fruit or vegetable by hand because of a hand disability. This is my all-time favorite thing in my kitchen along with my pressure cooker.



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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

My most used small kitchen appliances are my Keurig and my Instant Pot.  I don't have an immersion blender but I do want one.


Favorite gadgets are my garlic press and jar opener.

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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

Air Fryer.... used daily, even if for morning toast

Pressure Cooker

Breville Oven

Sous Vide

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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

Breville small oven-----LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Vitamix---LOVE too!

Pressure cooker--use alot

Zoji rice cooker--perfect everytime

Electric hot water pot

micro wave--use everyday

slow cooker

I have many more that I really need to decide if I am going to keep them or give them away--don't use much anymore.


I have an immersion blender that I got prob 25 years ago that I use alot. Think it is a DO IT ALL that I bought from HSN, I think. It seems to do the job but I may replace it. I think it is a good addition to a kitchen.

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Re: Small Appliances and Gadgets?

My favorite recently acquired appliance is a Cuisinart automatic pour over coffee maker that makes great coffee with the easy cleanup of drip coffee makers.

My Breville mini smart oven which I have only had a year and a half easily fits on my small counter space and I have used it more than I could ever imagine from simply reheating things to full cooking/baking/broiling foods and it is easy to clean and maintain too.