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must have quit making Butterscotch ice cream topping can't find that in any local stores including Wal-mart.

make my own, I guess and put in Mason jar


what next ?  wonder bread, Nestea, now , sauce. Every time I go to the grocery another thing has bit the dust.

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I'll bet Meredith would have a recipe & it might taste better, too & cheaper to make vs buy
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SAY IT ISN'T SO!! What am I going to put on my vanilla ice cream? I looooooove my Smuckers butterscotch topping. Sometimes I eat a spoonful all by itself just because it's so good!

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Re: Sigh , now Smuckers

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@sharke - I just purchased two jars last week from my local grocery store, which is a subsidiary of Kroger. I also saw it at my local Walmart. Unless your stores specifically tell you it isn't available, I'd keep looking! I purchase Smucker's topping jars frequently as part of an ice cream sundae set I give away for birthdays and bridal showers; the only variety that seems to be hard to find the past few years is the marshmallow topping, so I now omit that from my basket. Good luck...




ETA: I just Googled the butterscotch sauce to see if there were any announcements about it and found this handy-dandy product locator:

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Re: Sigh , now Smuckers

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@sharke   On the website for Smucker's butterscotch topping they have a way you can find out what stores in your area carry it.  I did a 10 mile radius of my area-Washington, DC--and mostly found Walmart Supercenters and something called Shoppers Warehouse carrying it.  So I don't think Smucker's has stopped making it, just your store must be doing a major overhaul of what they are stocking.  Did not find any Giant, Safeway, or Harris Teeter supermarkets in my neck of the woods listed.


Sooo annoying I know.  I feel for you.

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Oooo, I liked the butterscotch topping, too.  Still have a little, but it's been in the fridge for awhile.  Hope it's okay.


I liked the Welch's Simply Refreshing drink in the peach mango flavor.  I turned to that when I was tapering off soda.  Haven't been able to find it in months. 

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I buy it in Publix, Kroger (Ralphs) and WalMart.


Maybe your store was just out of it at the time?

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my store still has it. i bought some for a recipe


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Must be a run on it since it's summer time in Tx.

I tried 3 walmarts, 2 Uniteds and Walmart Neighborhood

They got caramel galore, of course.   If I liked anything else they would

have it in abundance.

I must be living in a poopy area.


When I go back up to Ind in Sept I'm loading up on everything.

Nestea, is history they're not making that any more. I'm loading up on

White Lily flour and this sauce if I can't find it by then. Bet you one thing

if it comes back around here I'm buying it out. tired of this ***** Poor DH still whining over his Tropicana

blueberry pomegranate  juice been long gone for 6 months.

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I went to Smuckers and have not heard of most of these items. Put in my zip and the butterscotch is not located within 10 miles. I would have to go out of state to NJ to get it. 


I never put toppings on ice cream - like ice cream with the fixings in it - mint chips, choc chunks, nuts etc


If I was out and getting a sundaie - all bets are off