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Re: Shipping food in open!

@glamwitchOK,  that makes sense about no reviews.

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Re: Shipping food in open!

@KingstonsMom wrote:

Personally, I would call QVC that I wasn't paying for them and I SURE wouldn't eat them, but that's just me.


You don't have to return food items to Q, to get credit/refund.


There's nothing sanitary about cardboard boxes and roaches love the glue that holds them together, while they're stored in a warehouse.


I live in the deep South and I know everything there is to know about roaches (we have the huge, prehistoric, flying ones!) and how to deter them and one big no-no is storing things in your attic in boxes.


Not to mention that the boxes, once taped with the product inside to be shipped to you, still have lots of spaces where anything can seep into the box and the unsealed product inside, during transit & delivery.


Extra protein is good????   Right?


Seriously I would have not eaten them either and common sense is to seal the packages, don't understand that one.


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Re: Shipping food in open!

I will not order any food item that is not sealed. Thanks for letting us know.

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Re: Shipping food in open!

 I ordered the Beignets too and was grossed out when they arrived.

   They were warm from riding in UPS truck and in an unsealed bag!

      I called customer service and was given a refund. 

      Very unsanitary IMO.

       I think they had lots of unhappy customers.

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Re: Shipping food in open!

For heavens sake you bake them in the oven any germs would be killed from the heat. People are so obsessed anymore.

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Re: Shipping food in open!

I just read a review and the person said when she opened the box she saw an ant crawling around inside so she killed the ant and used a paper towel to absord the moisture in the bag and then she decided to give them a try....Umm no!!