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$155 Shaved Ice Machine when I bought a similar albiet plastic and slightly smaller  one a few years ago for $30.00. It works. 


Get real. Shaved. Ice. A Ninja is cheaper and does more. 

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lol  I'd be happy not to have to fill plastic trays to make ice cubes.

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$155 for a cup of shaved ice is quite an extravagance, especially when there are drastically more inexpensive alternatives.

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I got one at the beginning of last summer.  I loved it so much I sent one to my daughter.  She chews ice all of the time.  That's mostly why she loves her's. 


Mine is a Cuisinart Snow Cone.  I bought it on Amazon and I got a few things with it.


I only like CHERRY so I bought the gallon size cherry and a variety of other flavors for friends when they visit.  Mine came with a few of those paper cones and I have plastic cones, the scoop straws, etc.


The paper one's are good for friends as they leave and the plastic ones are good for people to eat and visit.


Go there and put in what I said and lots of varieties will come up.

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@millieshops wrote:

lol  I'd be happy not to have to fill plastic trays to make ice cubes.

I use a lot of ice. I use big glasses. I buy bagged ice. It's my convenience splurge.

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I love mine. It gets a lot of use and it was worth it to me. I'm an ice maven. 

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This is legit a really good price for this. A friend of mine has one and uses it a lot.
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Re: Shaved Ice Machine

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I use my Vitamix to make Hawaiian style shave ice.

Rainbow flavors like made in Matsumoto's.
It is a family owned shop established in 1951, serves shave ice, and goods. Located in the small historic town of Haleʻiwa on Oahu's North Shore.

The best shave ice ever.   👍






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