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One thing I want to put over before this thread concludes is wives make sure you know where your wills, (please have a will or your in real trouble)

are, your house deed, vehicle titles, make sure your name is on bank accounts, checkbooks (mine was, but,  never wrote checks) if you have safes, have a copy of the key or know the combination. I had neither.


I don't have kids, so, the whole business of standing heir wasn't so muddled. Lawyers are concerned about older children making claims and dragging out the procedures.  $$$$$$$$$$$


Thinking ahead will save you a lot of heartache and lost time in the future.

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{{ Heart }}


Sympathy Messages for Loss of Husband – Wordings and Messages | Sympathy  messages for loss, Sympathy messages, Condolence messages


I'm terribly sorry for your sudden loss.  My advice is just take things one day at a time.  It sounds like you are surrounded by a large church crowd, so lean on them if you need them. I handled a lot of the paperwork for my mom when my dad passed, and addressed all of the shiva thank you cards when BF's dad died.  There are people who will step up- you just need to ask.  

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Dear @sharkky , I want to add my condolences to the many that you've already received.  I'm so very sorry that you're having to deal with all of this, but I know from reading your posts that you're no shrinking violet and you'll get through it all even stronger. 


Please come back and chat with us when you feel up to it - as you can see, you have been missed BIG TIME on these boards.  We need to talk about jackets and red appliances, and all things kitchen.  Meanwhile, I'll keep you in my prayers.Heart

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I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband. I had been missing your posts too. I do know about all that you have to go through in addition to the grieving. My husband died right before the pandemic started so I understand. Even with everything in place it is so difficult to handle all of the business end of things. My prayers are with you and try to take care of yourself too with all the other matters that you are faced with.HeartHeartHeart

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@sharkky .....I want to also tell you how sorry I am to read that your husband passed away unexpectedly.  I have seen your posts often and have enjoyed your messages.  I am usually on Recipe Swap and have found how special friendships are formed here.  You have connected with many friends who enjoy your friendship.  Friends are here for support.  I hope you will feel strength from them as you move on with the challenges ahead to sort through things.  

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@sharkky : Lots to deal with and very stressful. We have three file cabinets and I wanted our need to know info in one location. I purchased 3 file containers with handles to put on top of the file cabinet. One container has all my stuff- my accounts, my insurance polices and all my retirement information from my employer and social security. Plus a notebook about all household bills. One continer has all his information about his military history, VA / Social security etc, plus our wills and preplanned funeral information. The third container has all information about the house like when roof replaced, gutters, all appliance purchase. DH thought this was a very bad idea. But if something should happen to the both of us- his daughter will not have to look for everything. My parents and sibling are deceased and I have only one elderly cousin. If something happens to me first it will be easier for his daughter to find everything and help him. All the utilities and cable are in both names so that him or me could call if something needed to be reported to schedule appointment. I will be praying for you. I always enjoyed your post and looking forward to seeing more.🙏🤗❤️

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@sharkky  So sorry for the sudden passing of "Hubbo". If there is anything that I know for sure about you is your strength and humor. Both will serve you well. I have missed your posts too. You crack me up and are so down to earth. Please stay with us and post when you can.


My best to you. I wish you peace of mind.Heart

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@sharkky I am sorry for your loss .


I have always enjoyed your posts , practicality , and share your love of red. 


How loving of you to share the info to try to help others avoid some of the problems you have ran into in dealing with this heartbreaking time of your life. I am glad you have your church community to help. 

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@sharkky   So sorry for your loss. May his memory be a blessing.   

Thank you for sharing the information to prepare for the future.  It is important in case of any life event.  


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My condolences  ((((((( @sharkky  )))))))💗