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I know she's all about the kitchen and baking and stuff, so I thought I'd see if anyone here knows anything of her whereabouts.


Haven't seen her for a while!

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We miss you and hope you are well!


Edited to add:  Hope she is not having trouble signing on.  Or maybe her name got changed????

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  Her profile still shows her as @sharkky. She logged on just yesterday but hasn't posted in a month.

Maybe just taking a break from here.

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I didn't notice. 

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I have been missing her also. I hope all is well.

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@sharkky : We miss you. Hope your ok.❤️

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I noticed earlier this month she had not been posting in a while.  I think it was early June was her last posts.  I hope she is well.

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I was concerned,too.  She's such a fun and interesting poster.  Glad she has signed in recently.  

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just kind of lost interest to tell you the truth. Same ol' stuff, same subjects getting poofed, etc.   I mainly just check in to read headlines that maybe I didn't see or read about.


My husband died June 12th too, so, you wouldn't believe what all you have to go thru to get things done when that happens. Sympathy cards, my church has helped me, I'm busy getting stuff in position for what if I need help with this and that, like changing light bulbs in high ceilings, replacing smoke detector batteries when they usually choose to go off in the early mornings. Mine are hard wired, so, you can't just go to the wall and replace the battery you have to climb a ladder.


I think the Fire Dept said they would do that. you call the Sheriff dispatch office and they call the Fire dept to come out.  I"m paying somebody to mow my yard now every other week, busy cleaning out house as you can well imagine. garage , man, was a hoarder, so, I'm pretty well kept busy . Good for weight loss, though.


thank you for seeing I've been missing. I'll soldier on I'm pretty strong ol' gal.

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I am very sorry for your loss.  It is never easy to lose a loved one.  The repercussions can be overwhelming, but it sounds like you are methodically getting things straightened out.  I applaud your spirit in tackling everything so quickly.  I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  


I am a lurker, but I I always enjoy reading your posts.