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Seeded Muscat Raisins - A source for the rare person who may be interested. (wink!)

I actually doubt there will be many folks who'll remember those sticky, dark Muscat raisins, but for those who do, they just might agree that back when they were readily available, there was no better raisin to use when making bread or anything else raisin-y.

Before Christmas this year, my 90 year old mom assigned me the task of finding those missing Muscats! To my surprise, I found an online article about that very thing, & coincidentally it was titled 'The Mystery of the Missing Muscats'. {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

At the top of the article, a source for them was given, though they have to be bought in 5# bulk. I ordered some, & my mom excitedly made raisin bread for us to have at Christmas. It was wonderful, & I've gotta tell you...those raisins DID make a difference!

Here's the article w/ source for purchase, if anyone is so inclined. You just never know. {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

The Mystery of the Missing Muscats!