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@QVCkitty1   Love the tomato sandwich, but it has to have lots of freshly cracked pepper on it.

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   ❤️❤️ ❤️ Just picked Tomatoes  ❤️ - sandwiches or otherwise.

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@KingstonsMom wrote:

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I love a good tomato sandwich..... especially when it includes bacon and lettuce, LOL!

@KingstonsMom  Yes!  My mouth wasn't watering until your post.




And I'll one-up-ya' with a club sandwich, just add another layer to the BLT, with sliced turkey, ham and cheese of your choice! YUM!



@KingstonsMom  Great idea. I can't remember the last time I had a club sandwich. Those are so big and delish, we can split one!

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@QVCkitty1  Love it, with or without bacon and lettuce! But I am not really finding a lot of really tomato-ey, good tomatoes in the stores. 

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Love a tomato sandwich on cheap toasted white bread with mayo, salt & pepper BUT tomatoes make me flush now so have to limit myself to just 1, then hide when my face is bright red....worth it!

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One of my favorite sandwiches....but it must be with local garden grown ripe tomatoes.


My father grew wonderful tomatoes and the toast-mayo-and-thick-fresh-tomato-slice sandwich was one I looked forward to every year!


I would, however never turn down the addition of bacon later on. NO lettuce!

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I am a fan of tomato sandwiches on any kind of bread, especially a bagel.  I put a little mayo on it and nothing else.  Delicious!

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I love tomatoes and love tomato sandwiches.  A beautiful thick slice on gluten free bread, smothered with Mayo and salt....Mmmmm


I eat a lot of tomato salads too.  Chunks of tomato and onion with fresh basil, salt and a little olive oil.  When you're done eating the salad, the remaining juice in the bottom of the bowl makes a great bread dip.

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I like just tomato and Italian bread or rolls or with fresh mozarella cheese and Italian seasoning.

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  😋   I'm enjoying tomato sandwiches daily.  


Today I used the Aldi 12Grain bread, untoasted. I favor Miracle Whip instead of mayo, as I grew up with that taste.


My mother loved tomato sandwiches. That's where I got it. The other kids in my neighbourhood didn't get those at home.


My tomatoes this year are incredible. I'll be freezing fresh tomato chunks for making tomato soup this winter.