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Re: Samsung washer exploding update

This warning is for top loaders only. I've only bought and used Samsung washer/dryers. I liked my set, that I got in my old house about 5 years ago, so much I got the same (updated models) for my cottage that we just built. Mine are front loaders. No problems whatsoever with my machines, they're great!

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Re: Samsung washer exploding update

I had an interesting conversation yesterday about this very subject.

I'm looking for a large stacked set, and I told one salesman yesterday that I'd consider anything except a Samsung.

He said that although all Samsungs had been removed from the selling floor, the problem is supposed to be in only one setting, available in only certain models.

The recalls, obviously are to prevent any possibility of having to expand the warnings.

Good idea, in my opinion.

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Re: Samsung washer exploding update

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as soon as my samsung dryer gives out again am getting a speed queen dryer.


I hope they come on a pedstal. my hips and knees can't take much bending so I have to look for dryers that can go on one of those pedstal units.


I find laundry soap pods the easiest for me. they have just right amout of laundry soap .  i have had no problem using them in my speed queen.


All  and tide are my 2 favorite brands of soap. I use arm&hammer for gentle wash cycle.  The new All pods == there are 3 different kinds of pods now with all are really very good at getting laundry really clean, giving tide a run for thier money