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Rich, heavy foods, stomach upsets and getting older!

I wasn't sure where to post this since it's a food issue but also a health issue, so I decided on here!

I wondered how many of you have this issue, if any.

It seems like since I've gotten older, I can't handle heavier, richer foods like I used to. Not only does my stomach get upset, but I just feel bad all over! I feel lethargic, head-achey, and just plain yucky for a couple days after eating this stuff. Anyone else feel this way?

I work every day, so am kind of on a schedule. Eat very skimpy during the day and have a large dinner - admittedly - but it is pretty healthy - with a meat, veges, salad, and fruit.

On days that I'm off and holidays, DH and I are home together and we tend to eat more junk food, sweets, go out to eat and run around doing things and eat and drink things we don't normally --- which is fun --- at the time.

But, boy -- later, I pay for it. Not just with the stomach upset - but just a general over-all feeling of malaise.

Anyone else? Is this just an age thing? I don't ever remember feeling like this when I was younger?

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