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Ribeye Steaks on Holiday Gourmet

Well, after watching the Restelli guy smash those ribeyes, made me think the ribeyes I just got from my family owned shop were twice as thick as what they are showing on QVC! They were delicious! Even though Alberti says you cannot get anything better at your local store, I disagree as I just had some. Would never buy as it turns me off after they get done smashing the food!
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Re: Ribeye Steaks on Holiday Gourmet

@Jinlei  Totally agree! They smash it to show the "juice." Makes me cringe every time! We are also lucky that we can buy from a custom kill butcher shop. Don't often do it, but the product is great! I think Rastelli might be an alternate choice to the nationally known prime beef purveyors that some people have.

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Re: Ribeye Steaks on Holiday Gourmet

Believe it or not I just tried Aldi's ribeye.  Outstanding.  Thick cut -  cooked up juicy and tender.  $9.49 a pound.  Highly recommend.


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Re: Ribeye Steaks on Holiday Gourmet

Never had luck with QVC meat vendors. All of you are right about local meat stores or supermarkets. Oh and I don’t smash my steak before I eat it! 🤣🤣

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Re: Ribeye Steaks on Holiday Gourmet

"Alberti", or what ever his name is, says what he's told to say. He's a salesman; nothihg more and nothing less.


I have never seen a presenation on ANY TV Shopping Channel where the USDA Grade of the beef is diclosed.  I have no idea if the beef is Prime or Choice Grade.  That information is my bottom line before anythng else.