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Recommendations for separating frozen pie crusts

Normally, I will either make my own pie crusts or use the ones that are pre-made that you just roll out.

Today, my sister came over with a package of two deep dish pie crusts that come in their own baking foil tins. I had several apples that I wanted to use up before I had to throw them away. We decided to make an apple pie.

When it came time to put the top pie crust on (and crimp it to the bottom crust), I couldn't get the pie crust to release from the foil pan (when it was frozen or thawed). It stuck! I managed to try and patch it as best I could, but it wasn't the prettiest pie (though it tasted goodSmiley Happy )

My question: In the event I buy a double crust pie do you separate the top crust to use it w/o ripping it or having it stick to the tin?

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