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Rastelli fulfills orders (meat and Faroe Island salmon for Curtis Stone.  This was confirmed by HSN customer service.

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@mjd1954 wrote:

Has anyone tried RastellI pork filets? I am so tired of buying pork chops at the store that are so tough you can't chew them.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, I cook them in the airfryer

Lightly coat with olive oil,season with salt, pepper,garlic powder, and smoked paprika

Place in air fryer, cook at 380C for 10 -14 minutes flipping pork at half way cooking point.

Test for doneness and cook a little longer if desired.

I got this off of google a couple years ago, and this is the only way I've cooked them since then. They are very good

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@HLP,  please correct the 380C to 380F.  380C equals 716 degrees fahrenheit.

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I don't know if it's the same product, but I had a couple of ADs for the Rastelli Pork Rib Eyes and they are outstanding.  It's a good company.


I haven't started another AD because I still have quite a few left (I can only eat so much! hehe).    


I also like that they come individually vacuum-sealed.