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Please Make A Line of Singular Basics

The TSV is all round bowls and bakers. What are you going to do with all those rounds? I've noticed that Temp-tations packs these sets with some useful stuff but also with a lot of do- dads that the average person won't find uses for on a daily basis; it's just stuff to take up space in your cabinets. It's almost like you have to get this set and split it with someone, then get a rectangular set and split it with someone; otherwise you have a lot of redudancy. Tara needs to just sell a line of nothing but the basics, that way you can add what you need to your collection. For example, I need an oval baker. I don't need 2 of them with lids and cutting boards and racks and anything else that comes with the set. Have sets for those that want them, but start a line of piece meal for those of us that just need what we need and nothing else. Would love to have gotten the lime green floral lace, but I don't need all of those rounds and frankly I have no place to store them.

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Re: Please Make A Line of Singular Basics

Storage definitely becomes a problem especially with the plastic lids (I only have a very few that actually fit) and those racks.