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Pioneer Woman

Yes, she is into dog snacks now at walmart, she has frozen foods & some salad dressings, she also has ice cream store in her small town. She is pushing her brand don't see her in QVC much.

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Re: Pioneer Woman

I love all of her stuff I just don't care for her. She's kind of a phoney when it comes to her recipes. A lot of them have been around a long time, she just renamed them. Anybody can memorize a recipe and add something to it.

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Re: Pioneer Woman

Good for her. I like her & her cute, kitschy stuff. I like a lot of her recipes, too. I know a lot of them aren't anything new, but they are recipes that my family will eat. And, I love the family pictures in her cookbooks.

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Re: Pioneer Woman

I saw an ad for her new bbq sauce.  Along with one from Guy.

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Re: Pioneer Woman

Nobody be saying anything against my Pioneer Woman! Love her! How can you find fault with her. She’s lovely and genuine, as much as a tv personality can be. All these Food Network people eventually start hawking all kinds of products, it’s typical. Ina, Bobby, Guy, Giada They all have product lines. It’s how to stay rich without working that hard LOL.

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Re: Pioneer Woman

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Ree Drummond has turned Pawhuska,OK into a tourist destination. I’m sure most of the locals appreciate the increase in employment opportunities and tax revenue her businesses provide.

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Re: Pioneer Woman

I'd like to be a kid in that household!


One thing that always strikes me when I see her is the numerous dimples she has when she smiles, and she does that often, so that's a happy thing.


I'll have to check out her kitchenware line.  I do like some kitsch.

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Re: Pioneer Woman

@Sweetbay magnolia   The only kitsch I like is this one: 


"Texas Forever"


Related image

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Re: Pioneer Woman

Is her BBQ sauce at Walmart ?

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Re: Pioneer Woman

I enjoy going to the Mercantile for a nice day trip. The bakery is fun to visit too. Haven’t been to the ice cream shop yet..........


IMO Ree is a genuine lady and the wealth comes from her husband’s side of the family.