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The instructions on packages of mixed that are so tiny we sometimes literally need to pull out a magnifying glass in order to read.  Btw my eyes aren't that bad (1.50 reading correction).

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I agree.  I don't wear glasses, but make sure to have readers with me when I go grocery shopping.  Drives me nuts trying to find the expiration/freshness/use by dates and they are often small.

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I have several large  "sherlock holmes" style magnifiers around in strategic places..........

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Exactly.  I bought a package of Snickers baking chunks to make cookies.  I had my prescription readers on, 175, and I could hardly read the directions on how to make the cookies.  It’s getting ridiculous. 

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I totally agree about the small lettering....however; let me also add that the coloring of the letters and the background makes it difficult to read.


I find this (problem with color of lettering and background) to be difficult in magazines also.


Sometimes it is impossible to read the lettering.

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The same with most otc medications.

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Here's a helpful tip that I use all the time - take a photo of the print with your smartphone so you can stretch it to as large as necessary.

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The ingredients are all but impossible to read too.

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Yes agree with reading, how many times I have to take it over to the window and still can't see it. I am going to use the cell phone trick. My other problem is opening up items, so over packaged. I tried to open up a small bottle of foundation after 20 min with a knife still couldn't get it. Husband just laughed at me but then he figured it out. Those detergent pods with childproof zip bag, I have no patience & just cut the bag. So happy no little kids at my house.

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when i was still working in supermarket in deli. roastbeefs would come in with sell by date in black ink on a black package . it made it so hard to see .