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I received an email their vanilla prices are going up 9-22-16. If you use it you might want to buy a llttle extra to have on hand for your holiday baking.




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Good to know.  Thank You!  Smiley Happy   I use their vanilla and like it.

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Re: Penzey's Vanilla

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Hi @Nightowlz,


Yes, I read there was a bad vanilla bean harvest in Madagascar, causing the prices to increase.  

I love vanilla extract and I think Penzey makes a good one.


 When family and friends ask what I want for my birthdays, or Christmas, I reply Vanilla!   Some people like bottles of wine...I like bottles of vanilla extract Smiley Happy


This is my current love.  It is very pricey but my baked goods have never tasted better.

Happy Baking and thank you for the "heads up".



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