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Don't call an exterminator! If you don't find where they're coming from you won't get rid of them! I had pantry moths in the pantry of my old house. I went through everything with a fine tooth comb. I eventually found where they were coming from and disposed of that item. Boom! No more moths! My pantry was cleaned out and looked fabulous after that!


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Thanks for this post!


I wanted to add that whole, dried chiles also are home for these

pantry moths or other insects.


I learned the hard way.  Costco sells wonderful, whole dried chiles around this time of year in our area.


They come in a large bag, and I used to stock up.  But then I read that keeping them on hand isn't wise due to these moths.


Sure enough:  I checked my rolled  up large bags, and out flew a couple of moths!!

Like others, I cleaned out my pantry closet, and I only buy chiles in small bags that I will use right away.

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Re: Pantry Moths

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Not sure if this is want I had. I had to throw everything away in my pantry. Didn’t have a problem in an other parts of the house. The only things I kept were things that had never been opened. I had to wipe everything down. They got into the grooves of bottles and cans. Now I store everything in lock and lock. It took me a few months to get rid of em! Good luck 

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I had the black looking gnats that loved the pantry several years ago. I was very thankful when L&L came up. I now store all my box foods in them. Sugar, flour, dry beans, rice, coffee, snacks, popcorn etc in them. I am now gnat/ant free. My motto is - if it's not in a can, goes into the fridge or freezer it goes in Lock & Lock!

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The traps from Amazon work wonderfully. They attract and trap the male moth and without the males, the females can no longer breed. It will take a few days but they will be gone.


In the meantime, you have to throw out anything they may have infested and you will have to vacuum up a lot of moths! Don't forget to empty the vacuum each time and take the bag immediately out to the trash.


I got pantry moths from birdseed. I now store it outside in a metal can.

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Re: Pantry MothsThis is why

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This is why I keep my flours in the freezer..The eggs cannot hatch at 0 degrees, Also, those sticky Pantry Pest Traps  with the pheromone bait  are available at Home Depot...