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Re: Ordering QVC food products as gifts?

@house_cat  So glad it all worked out!

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Re: Ordering QVC food products as gifts?

@house_cat wrote:

Update in case anyone is interested - I went to TJ's and bought a whole bunch of wonderful goodies, then to the Dollar Store for a basket, tissue paper and a scarecrow for the middle - came home and wrapped it in one of those big plastic oven bags that are made for cooking turkeys - tied it with raffia and a card - turned out better than what I could have ordered online.  I wound up spending $50 instead of the $200 a basket like that would cost online and got to hand deliver it! 

Thanks to all who responded.

Any gift basket you make yourself will be far superior to the prepared kind.  In the past I have bought gift baskets at Costco-- for a good price as gift baskets go-- only to find that they are more packaging than anything.  The boxes of product have only small amounts of candy or cookies, or whatever in them.  You generally have a basket full of boxes with very little in them.  


So for the past ten years at least I have been making my own, and am happy to say they get rave reviews.

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Re: Ordering QVC food products as gifts?

A little OT but I am reminded of the time that the grands asked me to get them the  Easter baskets that are premade. They get baskets from the Easter bunny but the store displays kept calling them. 

Well I did get them each one ,for their age group, at about $35 each and there was about $5-6 worth of candy and a plastic toy in each cheap

basket. First and only experience !