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I LOVE David, and ITKWD...but I had to turn it off just now with the Nutri System presentation.  I just can’t watch David or the presenter sell this TERRIBLE way to approach healthy eating and weight loss.  Just the thought of eating that prepackaged mess makes me lose my appetite.  I really wish QVC wouldn’t promote this garbage, or include it in David’s program.  Does any one else feel this way?  

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I don't know if it's good for you or not - - never was interested.  I had to change channels b/c I can't  take all.............that drama!

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I can't understand why they had it on for an hour before ITKWD, will have it on for an hour after, and probably once or twice (at least) during his show.  Way too much for such boring programming.

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If you really want to use Nutrisystem you can get a better deal by purchasing Costco gift cards - $79 for a $100 card. And a couple of times a year there will be a coupon so the cards will be $59. That way you can order a la carte and just buy what you like. Most of the food is yucky but some is not bad. I'd say about 90% of the dry packaged stuff is terrible but the frozen food is not bad - also more expensive. I would never buy this if I couldn't choose the items I wanted.

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Re: Nutri System ITKWD

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I respect Marie Osmond for working hard all her life, personally and professionally, but I can't change the channel fast enough when she comes on.  I was watching just long enough today to hear her say that her skin tightened up because she's healthy now, she used to have "jowls" and now they're gone. She and I are about the same age, and I don't believe that her looks are natural.  If the system works for some people, then I'm happy for them, but I think she's being dishonest. 


ETA: If any of what we post is used as feedback for the hosts and producers, I'd like to add that the long TSV presentations, especially when they are not kitchen related, are losing customers.  I turn off the set and usually forget to turn it back on.  I doubt if I'm the only one.

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Its my guess that QVC regards Nutri System as another product line that people want to buy.  I am thinking because it is food related (even prepackaged) that selling during the kitchen shows would target the audience they are seeking to sell to.  I don't personally use nutri system but know several ladies that have used the product  and had success with weight loss and weight maintenance. This is just my observation!

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Re: Nutri System ITKWD

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i wonder if QVC sent a sample of today's  TSV  Nutirsystem to David??

      I missed his presentation wondering did he taste ihe food ? did he like it?

Just like to see him chow down their mac n chesse if in the bundle?

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I'm with the original poster. This is processed, shelf-stable, nasty, oversalted "food", and has nothing to do with healthy eating. This is for people who want something "easy" instead.

Eat real, whole foods, mostly plant-based. Eat healthy full fats;
DO NOT eat a "low fat diet." Stop eating and drinking sugar, real and artificial. STOP using processed seed oils like safflower and canola, use coconut or olive oil. Reduce white flour. Drink plenty of water. The weight will fall right off. It is fairly simple. Eat the things human beings evolved to eat.

If you are addicted to sugar, no, it's not easy. But I can tell you from experience, if you can stop eating sugar for ten days, your desire for it will begin to go away.
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I used Nutrisystem years ago.  I did lose weight.  But I got so sick of the food that I stopped eating it after 2 or 3 months.  And of course, the little that I lost came back on.  If you are not going to eat that food for the rest of your life, I don't see the point of eating it at all.  It does not seem to be healthy or good for you in any way, shape, or form.  All it did for me was show me how small the portions should be to lose weight.  I have since lost weight on my own, doing it my way.

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Is it the most healthy way to lose weight? Who kmows, but I know this, if only a dozen people out there, who are morbidly obese, can get close to their goal weight,they are going to be a LOT more healthy than those who turn the channel and keep the weight on,


I lost over 150 lbs more than 20 years ago, and if I had not   taken  the approach I did, which many people at thetime thought was unhealthy, I would now most certainly be dead..


Say what you will about the prepackaged food (Hey, do you think ladies get up to 200-300 bs by eating only lean meat, fresh fruit and veggies 3 meals a day? )LOL!


Say what you will about Marie..Say what you will about Ntrisystems in general...Say what you will about QVC ...


If a dozen people can prolong their lives by losing weight, then to me, it is worthwhile