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Re: Not in my grocery budget

I LOVE to go out to eat at restaurants where I can order something I would or could not make at home. I love to cook and the only thing I order from QVC is the Maine lobster which I cannot get on the West Coast. It is delicious but I can see how if you lived in Maine that would seem ridiculous.

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Re: Not in my grocery budget

When the Kansas City steaks were first on QVC, I foolishly purchased some. The arrived thawed......I called and returned them. Second batch arrived the same way....back they went. I got the third batch, they were half frozen and.....the steaks were chewy and kinda tasted like liver. That was the first and last food purchase I ever made. The steaks were not to my or my family's liking. Additionally, my food dollars stretch longer buying food locally!

I know folks purchase food on line or by phone all the time. Great service if you cannot get out and grocery shop.

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Re: Not in my grocery budget

On 1/26/2014 ccassaday said:

This food is not meant to be your everyday groceries. They are meant for special occasions. This is no different then the gourmet food catelogs.

Nope, QVC doesn't particularly mean this for special occasion or not special occasions. They just want to sell it to anyone interested! Anyway, for special occasions, I would prefer to cook myself or at least make more effort than ordering something from TV. I don't order from gourmet food catalogs, either!

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Re: Not in my grocery budget

QVC food items to expensive for my food budget. For me living in the Chicago area, there isn't any premium specialty items, groceries, meat, poultry or fish that I could not buy locally at reasonable prices. I can understand why people would buy from QVC that don't have that luxury.

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Re: Not in my grocery budget

You have to remember that shipping and handling is now in the price of the items so they can say "free" shipping and handling. That said, one of the few food items I believe is worth every penney are the Authentic Gourmet Croissants. I have been to Europe and had true French croissants and these are the real thing. You cannot buy anything equivalent to them here. Sure I could hunt down the higher milk fat butter (which I would have to pay a premium for) and take the time to make them, but I would prefer to bake something else for my family and save the croissants to the experts. I do try to get them when they are on sale, but I must say they are worth it. We also don't eat them every day, they are a treat. Most of the rest is very high priced and easy to source locally, but for those that want the convenience or don't enjoy cooking, I am sure the food items are greatly enjoyed.