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Wal-mart has this 4-in-1 on sale online in the cinnamon for $89.00. My daughter just ordered one. It doesn't say if the cookbook is included but Facebook has the 4-in-1 forum that has any recipe you would want.

Just wanted to give you a heads up,as this is a great deal. I have the blue and love mine. Never had a problem and have had mine over two years. I bought from QVC.

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Re: Ninja 4-in-1 at Walmart

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The price is excellent - got mine as the TSV and NEVER looked back one of my most used kitchen gadets. 

 Also those of you that are into bone broth and veggie soups it is the easiest and neatest way to go.

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I use mine at least twice a  week.  I bake fish in it (place on parchment paper on top of the rack that comes with it) and also use it for baked sweet potatoes.  One of my favorite kitchen appliances.  This is a great deal at Walmart.

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A poster on the Facebook Ninja site posted a photo of the Wal-Mart cinnamon one she got for $89.00. It had the cookbook as well as the pan and roaster rack and the cover. It doesn't state that they are included on the Wal-Mart site. That is a great deal.

My favorite dish in it is the with rosemary, garlic, and thyme chicken in the cookbook included. It is so moist and delicious.

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That's a great deal!  We've bought three of these at Walmart or Target for bridal registry gifts in the past year.  Everyone was very appreciative.


I have a smaller Ninja blender with the pitcher and small container.  I used the small container yesterday to chop artichokes and before I realized it, the consistency was like baby food.  This thing chops in a matter of seconds!  I haven't used my food processor or blender since I got this Ninja.  I find that the Ninja cuts the processing time and cleans up very easily.


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I purchased my second one from Wal-Mart on June 15th. The color is cinnamon and it comes with all of the same accessories that the QVC one has. I purchased my first one from QVC for $180.00

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@wildcat fan  I use that Ninja prep center to "grate" potatoes for potato pancakes.  So quick!